Make Your Voice Heard

The only way to influence government is to get actively involved in the overall process.

That begins with the election process. To have a voice in the process, we must help elect those candidates that share our political philosophy. The trial bar and the labor unions understand this process and have been extremely effective over the past 12 to 15 years because they got involved at the campaign level.

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How can I get involved?
Call the ASIA office to learn more about the candidates running in upcoming elections and get involved in a campaign. It’s a great way to get to know the candidates. Or join your company’s legislative action team. If your company doesn’t have one, organize one. Another effective way to get involved is to contribute to your company and/or industry’s political action committee.
What is a Political Action Committee?
Political action committees (PACs) have been around for years. Typically, PACs are formed to allow like-minded people to pool their resources in an effort to impact an election. When we combine our resources to support a mutual candidate or philosophy, the power of our individual voices is magnified.
Why should I contribute to COMP PAC?
COMP PAC was organized to help conservative, pro-business candidates get elected to office. COMP PAC supports candidates who will work to stop fraud in workers’ compensation programs. Before we can strengthen Alabama’s workers’ compensation laws, we must elect government leaders who will treat business interests fairly.
Where does my money go?
Your contribution to COMP PAC will be used to make direct political contributions to legislative, judicial and administrative candidates seeking election or re-election to office. The cost of campaigning has risen dramatically over the past years with more sophisticated advertising, polling and get-out-the-vote efforts. Today, it would be nearly impossible for a candidate for statewide office to raise enough money to win without accepting PAC funds.
What is at stake?
The upcoming elections could be the turning point for real progress in this state, or we could suffer a set back that might take a decade or more to overcome. The outcome of these races will determine the future of Alabama and, to a lesser degree, the future of your company and your livelihood. You owe it to yourself, your family and your community to get involved in the process.
How do I make a contribution to COMP PAC?
Start getting involved today. Financial contributions can be made by filling out the card on the back of your COMP PAC brochure and enclosing your check made payable to COMP PAC.