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The Need for ASIA

Alabama employers and employees are directly affected by equity of the Alabama workers' compensation system. ASIA was formed with the goal of helping employers understand the law and any proposed changes and the need to ensure equitable coverage for the injured employee.

ASIA's Mission

ASIA is a statewide, non-profit membership organization that represents the interests of employers in Alabama who self-insure workers' compensation coverage on their employees. ASIA is committed to a workers' compensation program that:

  • Adequately compensates the employee with a work-related injury
  • Recognizes fair limitations on employer responsibility
  • Provides for an appropriate distribution of the compensation dollar
  • Reduces litigation
  • Is dedicated to eliminating abuses within the system
  • Operates within the bounds of reasonable and necessary regulations

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ASIA was formed in 1992 by ten self-insured companies with the goal of helping employers understand worker's compensation law and any proposed changes, as well as ensuring equitable coverage for the injured employee. Today, ASIA boasts a membership in excess of 400.

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Member Testimonials

"The resources available through ASIA have equipped me to better manage our Alabama workers compensation claims. The conferences provide valuable educational information, as well as, an opportunity to develop peer and vendor relationships that have proven immensely helpful in carrying out my daily responsibilities. I appreciate the voice ASIA assembles from the business community allowing us to participate in ensuring an equitable WC system for employees and employers in Alabama."

Anna ScottAAA Cooper Transportation

"The Alabama Self Insurer's Association (ASIA) has given us the opportunity to build relationships with self-insured employers, not only in Alabama, but across the United States. The education, leadership and networking events provided by ASIA continue to be a tremendous asset to all members."

Allen McLeanCarlisle Medical, Inc.